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DISCLAIMER: we aren't endorsing or being compensated for listing vendors who are having a sales event.  Each persons satisfaction may differ from another person.  Contact the vendor who you purchased from directly for any questions.

Updated January 18, 2022. 



RGB Man: 14% off using code 2022SALE, Bulk orders: 2022BULKSALE.

AJ's Outlet: pre-sale through February 28th.

Wally's Lights: pre-buy group one until sold out.

Mattos Designs: pre-sale through February 9th.

The Holiday Light Store: 15% off using code 2021SALE.

Holiday Lighting Shop: 10% off pixels using code: PPS-22 or 8% off using PS-22.

Holiday Light Express: pre-sale through February 28th.

Your Pixel Store: pre-sale through TBD.

Holiday Outdoor Decor: 33% off through February 28th.

Mosca Design: 33% off sale through January 31st.

Lights On Mamie: pixel pre-sale through April 30th.

USA Pixel Plus: bulk buy sale through March 16th.

Christmas Light Emporium: year-end clearance event - 20%-50% off through Jan 8th.

Creative Displays: pre-sale starts January 27th.




AJ's Outlet: save 15%-20% on strobe strings.

Light-O-Rama: summer sale Aug. 27-Sept. 7.

Christmas Cottage Lights: save 15% using code Snow15.

Lori's Lighted D'lites: save 10% using code JULY10.

AJ's Outlet: save 15% on orders over $50 through July 17th using code Boom21.

Demented Elf Productions: save 20% on voice packages through July 31st.

Christmas Designers: 20% off through July 31st.

Wired Watts: Memorial Day sale, save 12%  using code "MEMORIALDAY".

WOW Lights: Memorial Day sale starts 5/31. 

Christmas Lights Etc.: up to 40% off, Memorial Day sale.

RGB Man: 10% off using code VCDISCOUNT through May 10th.

Holiday Lighting: 10% off using code VCS2021 through April 30th.

Light-O-Rama: Mad Grab Sale April 23rd, 9:00pm EDT.

Temple Display: 25% off through May 31st.

Boscoyo Studios: 10% off using code ELFVCS2021 through April 18th.

OG Sequences: 30% off using code SPS through April 30th.

Holiday Light Express: Tax season sale through April 15th.

Wired Watts: 10% off using code VCS2021 through April 14th.

RGB Sequences: 50% off using code 2021VCS50% through May 30th.

Showstopper Sequences: 20% off using code VCS through April 30th.

Wally's Lights: 5% off using code VCS2021 through May 15th.

Sequence Solutions: 20% off using code SSLVCS through April 16th.

Christmas Light Emporium: pre-sale through March 28th.

Temple Display: 25% off through March 31st.

The Holiday Light Store: 15% off using code "2020GONE".

RGB Man: 12% off presale prices using code "2021Presale".

Mosca Design: 33% off through February 28th.

Holiday.Lighting: presale on power supplies and accessories.

Christmas-Led's: Annual presale January 15 through February 20th.

DIY LED Express: new products and presale through February 15th.

AJ's Outlet: presale through February 28th.

Rileighs Outdoor Decor: 33% off through February 28th.

Holiday Lighting.Shop: save 25% using code "presale-2021".

Temple Display: 33% off through February 28th.

Lightastic Supply: 5% off using code "winterfun2021" through January 31st.

Christmas Lights Etc.: after Christmas sale, up to 50% off.

Holiday Light Express: presale through February 28th.

Christmas-LED's: 25% off on light strands and more.

Wally's Lights: 5% off presale using code "christmas2020".

Creative Displays: presale starts January 25th, up to 40% off.

Christmas Done Bright: 20% off using code "PREORDER2021".

Christmas Light Emporium: 20%-50% off through January 4th.

Christmas Topia: post season sale, 15% off.