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las File

A .las file pertains to a type of Light-O-Rama sequence. .las files are not associated with music therefore, they contain animation only.


Light Emitting Diode. A solid-state, semiconductor device that converts electrical energy directly into light. LEDs show up in Christmas lighting in two contexts: the first is as a power or signal indicator in controllers or SSRs, while the second is their use as a substitute for incandescent lamps. LED Christmas light strings use about one-tenth the energy of an incandescent lamp and have a crystal-clear color brightness that incandescents cannot achieve.

Light Keeper Pro

(LKP) The LightKeeper Pro solves the problem of miniature light set failure because the little red gun actually repairs the set quickly and easily, allowing you to replace the bad bulb causing the disruption in the electrical current.

lms File

A .lms file pertains to a type of Light-O-Rama sequence. These file extensions are connected with musical sequences and contains the music location along with commands.


Is short for the company Light-O-Rama that makes software and hardware for all lighting occasions.

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