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Vampire Plugs, Future Uncertain?

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on Sunday, 19 August 2012 in How To

Many decorators have been using Vampire Plugs in their display for many years.  In fact, they have saved a considerable amount of money in custom extension cords rather than buying pre-made ones from a store.  Finding cheap zip or lamp cord and attaching plugs have been very cost effective.



But, is the need for excessive amount of Vampire plugs necessary with the introduction of Glossary Link RGB products?  The simple answer is no.  


With many displays introducing RGB pixels, ribbons, and other types of lights in their show, the typical Glossary Link Vampire plug is no longer needed.  That introduction has Glossary Link led to more DC control thus a set of different options.  Without the confusion of AC versus DC power devices, those types of plugs/sockets have a huge difference in look and connection.  This prevents the mix up between the power sources.


This does not mean that Vampire plugs are going to be extinct.  It's the hundreds or thousands a displays uses will be cut by 50% to 75% within the next one to three years.


In displays like High Country Lights, the days of using hundreds of Vampire plugs are becoming non-existent.  In fact, after recycling many of the cords that are used for our huge mega-trees, hundreds of these plugs will be going back onto the shelf to sit evermore.  


So a huge bargain in those plugs from older displays are coming more of a possibility than just a few years ago.




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