Looking to add strobe lights to your display?  Here's a comparison of ones used in the hobby.

I did three minor tests using my news camera in the garage and outside.

The results are not bad but the xenon strobes played havoc on my iris inside. Test B is in an open area where the light can disperse evenly.

Test 1: comparison of Glossary Link CDI's xenon all flashing at the same time like the Glossary Link LED's.
Test 2: comparison of CDI's xenon vs LED. Xenon on the left, LED on the right.
Test 3: comparison of Glossary Link CLS vs CDI xenon's. CLS on the left and CDI on the right.

Test A

Dim lights

Test B

Dim lights

My observations....

CLS Xenon strobe
Pro's: bright, flashes very fast, and nice lens design, light disperses evenly.

Con's: expensive, not weather proof, failure rate high, condensation is a problem, and socket not glued good.

CDI Xenon strobe
Pro's: very rugged, smaller, cheaper, and seems to be weather proof.

Con's: slower flash, and more direct oriented.

Overall, both are a good choice depending on your application.

A test by John Bullard was performed using a kill-a-watt to find the amperage.

10 CLS .72 amps
10 CDI .06 amps
10 CDI LED .42 amps