The 2012 season is shaping up to be a very good one.  We've added many new props, more Glossary Link LED's, and redesigned the show.



Click To EnlargeLooking at the plans for this year, we will have six mega-trees wrapped around the castle which is the center attraction.  In front of them will be leaping arches with center poles and stars bursting.  




Click To EnlargeAnd, with those leaping arches with center poles and stars bursting, this has become one of the unique features of the show.  Each Glossary Link arch and pole uses seven strands of lights to give it a neat effect with four strands of LED's on the star burst.  These combination props will be placed on each side of the castle.  Here's how we made them or watch the test video here.  



Click To EnlargeNext, will be our ornament tree.  It's structure support is made entirely of PVC plastic.  Each sphere has seven spokes with a strip of Glossary Link RGB LED lights mounted to the surface of them.  They can change to any color once programmed.  All of those LED's total up to 2,484.  This prop will be placed in front of the building where the castle was located in 2011.  Here's how we made them or watch the test video here.



Click To EnlargeAnd, we can't forget Santa on his Hog!  This sweet thing arrive in early September ready to be placed in a light show and be seen.  It has 700 LED's with different color caps on them to make the colors you see.



We're adding several new songs to the show as well. 


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Don't miss the 2012 season of High Country Lights running from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day.