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Preps Underway For 2011 Season

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on Sunday, 23 October 2011 in Display Discussion

Follow us as we prepare for the 2011 season.


Saturday, November 12: Things are beginning to wrap up as we get closer to Thanksgiving.  On Saturday, we assembled our mini trees, placed the Angels near the Nativity, connected other miscellaneous props, and fixed some burned out lights.  We're on track for another successful year but 2011 will be much brighter.  Check out the images below from Saturday.

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Sunday, November 6:  The fire house is near completed and 24 lighted deer made their way into the display this weekend.  Things are shaping up fast.  We are a little over 2 1/2 weeks away from turning them on.  A test show was ran tonight and it looks GREAT!

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Sunday, October 31: After a slow start to the weekend, things are shaping up around the fire department.  Progress on Saturday was much of nothing because of the wind and cold temperatures.  But, on Sunday, we hung the fence lights up and placed the snowflakes on the roof.  So far, we are running ahead of schedule this year.  See the image below.

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Wednesday, October 26: The animated characters, huge Merry Christmas sigh, and various other things including stakes for the mini trees were setup today.

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Tuesday, October 25: Santa's Castle was finally assembled and turned on.  The size and looks of it is just stunning.  It's estimated to have between 3,500 and 4,000 lights.  It took 3.5 hours to assemble the frames onto the structure.  See images below.

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Sunday, October 23: Our setup process began on September 24 with very little results in the beginning.  But, as with time things started coming around.


Click To EnlargeOne of the first things we setup was the "Animated Arches."  These arches have 700 lights each strand is controlled individually.   They will resemble a light bounching across the property and splashing into a colorful pool.




Click To EnlargeNext, the fence.  We have several four feet long stakes driven in the dirt with a strand of lights attached to the top.  These are animated as well in four colors.




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High Country Lights acquired some props from Ridge Harbor Christmas located in Florida.  One of those things were "Santa's Castle."  This thing is massive.  It's 20 feet long and 15 feet tall.  It will stand infront of the building where Santa can sit in his chair and greet all of the good boys and girls.



Click To EnlargeOne of the most delicate things in the display are the mega-trees.  They are 26 feet tall with a star attached on top.  Lots of work go into them to give it the pristine look.  This year, we plan to have 5 fully lit in Glossary Link LED's.  This will cutdown on power usage as well weight on the center poles.




Click To EnlargeWhen the 96 connections are made, we hoist them to the top and tie the strands to the plastic pvc pipe.




Click To EnlargeWhen the sun sets, we turn on the switch to see if every light and every strand works.  Each tree will consume at total of 4.5 amps fully on.  That's substantial over the 30 amps we've been custom to over the years.


We'll continue to post pictures and update as we get closer to Thanksgiving.

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