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on Saturday, 25 August 2012 in How To

After seeing a couple of different styles of ornament trees in the decorating world, I decided to take a different route from others.  This is our "How To" on an Ornament Tree.



Click To EnlargeWith eight, 10 feet long pieces of one inch PVC pipe, seven tee's, 12 elbows, and some glue, here's our bonus feature of the year.



Click To EnlargeI started by cutting 22 pieces of pipe 36 1/2 inches long. Then clued all of them together in sections except the top portion of each section.  Those are removable in case the sphere's needed to be removed.  



Click To EnlargeGo purchase cutting boards with thick plastic and make a semi-circle.  I used a small cord spool for a pattern.  When the pattern is marked, use a jig-saw to cut them out.  Now, get a hole saw with an inch diameter saw and cut a hole in the plastic semi circle.  Place them on the pipe that will hold the sphere.



Click To EnlargeSome have used hula-hoops but I used sprinkler tubing for the shape of the sphere.  But, it's recommended to use PEX water tubing.  PEX will retain less heat built up during the day.  Cut the tubing 53 inches and screw them onto the plastic semi circle.  Seven pieces of tubing were used for each sphere.



Click To EnlargePlace the top section of pipe onto the rest and hammer gently until tight.  Drill a small hole typically were it's glued and place a cotter through the hole and bend locking it in place.  Do the same thing for top and bottom portion of each sphere as well.  



When you have finished all of the tasks above, it's time for lights.  



Click To EnlargeI purchased non-IC ribbon lights with adhesive backing to them.  Cut the ribbon light to the correct length and attach it to the outer portion of the tubing.  Repeat this process until all 10 ornaments have lights on them.  Take four inch white zip ties and gently tie lights at every other cutting point to ensure they'll remain even if the adhesive fails.  Next, trim one half inch of silicon off each end exposing the ribbon to be connected.  Take the Glossary Link RGB pigtail connectors and connect each string of lights.  Two ends will not be connected, first and last.  The first one will be connected to a Glossary Link DMX, RGB Glossary Link controller while the last one will be weather proofed.  



Click To EnlargeThe RGB controllers will be daisy chained together along with power. I used a separate power cord for each section of spheres.  The DMX signal cabled is connected together using cat 5 connectors.



Click To EnlargeEach section of sphere's will be zip-tied together and bolted as well.  They will be placed against a metal frame that's mounted to the building and zip-tied.  This will ensure nothing will be torn apart during high winds.



Here's a photo gallery of the different elements used to make the ornament tree.



Video of the tree in action...

Dim lights



Parts list for the Ornament Tree...

One inch PVC Sch 40 pipe

One inch PVC elbows

One inch PVC tee's


12 Volt non-IC ribbon light

RGB-DMX controllers

SPT 2 zip cord

Cat 5 cable, male connectors, female connectors

12 Volt power supply

RGB pigtail connectors



This prop is an experiment and yet your mileage may vary, nothing is guaranteed.





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