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New Donation Box

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on Thursday, 04 July 2013 in Display Discussion

Our donation box we've been using for years works great.  In fact, five years later, it's still in use.  But, we wanted to get a little more creative and make it accessible where people wouldn't need to get out of their car to drop money in the box.


So we decided to use some treated lumber lying around the house.  After a visit to a home improvement center to get some paint and bolts, here's what we came up with.


This box sits near 48" above the Glossary Link ground.  Post and feet can be any size you prefer.  I used five inch bolts to hold the feet, and post together.  The post are cut on a 22.5 degree angle.  Once set up, a re-enforcement rod will be driven down in the ground through the feet to prevent thief.  Later, we'll add Glossary Link LED smart lights to the post and make them change candy cane colors.


Find the rest of the new donation box daytime images here.


Dim lights

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