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Mini Trees - Quick And Simple Way

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on Saturday, 10 November 2012 in How To

Click To EnlargeAre you looking for those mini trees that are quick, easy, and look good?  I have an answer for you.



Several things need for this project are 36 inch wreath rings, two stands of 100ct mini lights or equivalent Glossary Link LED's, tent nails, and small wooden stakes 36 inches long.



Click To EnlargeTake the wreath ring and bend every other hook then place on the Glossary Link ground.  Drive wooden stake in the center making sure it's around 30 inches tall (Estimate).  Drive the tent nails into the ground securing the wreath ring. 



Click To EnlargeTake the first strand of lights starting at the bottom then run them around the nail in the top of the wooden stake.  Continue doing this skipping the unbent hooks until all lights have been used or all hooks have lights on them.  If any excess lights are left, wrap them around the bottom until the end of the strand.   This process takes around five minutes per tree.




These type of mini-trees have been used for many years in the display with success.





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