Here's a quick and easy way to make your strobe lights reflective. 

To pull this quick, down and dirty trick off, you'll need a C9 Glossary Link strobe light, socket, and a clamp light.  These are very useful for a Halloween display with a fog machine.

First, unscrew the socket from the reflector because it is NOT weather proof.  Place the strobe light inside the reflector, then screw the socket onto the strobe light through the center hole in the reflector.  The strobe light socket can be pulled through the reflector hole if not secured.  

See the images below for an illustration.

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Video example:

A regular strobe light...

Dim lights


A reflective strobe light...

Dim lights  

The difference between the two is the regular strobe light is omnidirectional while the reflective strobe light is unidirectional.

Disclaimer: This project is considered to be a test.  If you have no understanding of electricity, it's strongly encouraged not to proceed.  If you do, it's at your own risk.