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on Saturday, 27 August 2011 in How To

Here's how I make Robin wheels/spinners for the display.


The spinners, or some call them snowflakes or Robin wheels, have eight spokes with two-hundred lights on each one.  All pipe and fittings are three quarters of an inch, six feet tall/wide with them being nearly three feet long on each side.  Each spoke can be controlled with a Glossary Link channel consumption of eight.



The mounting pipe can be any length.  For example, mine is eight feet long with a forty-five degree bend in the top to easily fasten the spinner.  A Kepel outdoor box is mounted to the pipe with an eight channel Glossary Link controller inside.  This makes setup and tear-down much easier.

Mounting Pole



The deluxe version of the spinner is twelve feet tall/wide with four hundred lights on each spoke giving a total of 3200 lights.  Each set of lights is controlled and has a channel consumption of 32.

Deluxe Spinner



Drill a hole in both pipe fittings and the end of the bent conduit.  Using a bolt, fasten all fittings and conduit together and tighten.




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