Lights OutI'm setting up a hypothetical situation in case disaster strikes your light show.  What would you do if one or more of following occurred...

  1. FM Glossary Link transmitter quit
  2. Glossary Link Controller(s) fried
  3. Power Supply died - pixel related
  4. Pixel Bridge burned out
  5. A Pixel died in-turn killing the rest of the set
  6. Glossary Link DMX adapter quit
  7. Lynx adapter quit
  8. Glossary Link LOR adapter quit
  9. Show PC crashed
  10. Main Servo motor quit
  11. Lost all Glossary Link sequence files
  12. Glossary Link Director Card quit
  13. Fuses continue blowing

And the list goes on but I feel these are the most important.  This only raises a red flag to prepare for catastrophic failure.

Print this list and retain if it's very important for your show to continue on during the point of failure.


Here's an option for free online backup or file sharing between the sequencing and show pc.