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A World Full Of LED Pixels - Part 2

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on Monday, 30 April 2012 in How To

If the Do It Yourself world of pixels have your brain scrambled like an egg, maybe a plug-n-play solution will work best.

It doesn't require matching pixel types to different pixel controllers and finding the correct sized power supply.  Simply purchase the turn-key package, do some programming and you're off.


Here are a few products that may match what you're looking for.  



Stellascapes have a turnkey packages that fit everyone's budget.  From small to large, they will help you all the way.  Stellascapes were the first ones in the lighting community to produce a mega-tree fully lite with pixels.  




D-Light's Firefli have been around for more than four years.  The Firefli caught everyone's attention when a simple string of Glossary Link RGB pixels can be used for arches, window borders, and much more.  Each pixel can produce millions of colors.  The Firefli is compatible with Aurora, Light Show Pro and Light-O-Rama software.



Cosmic Color ProductsNext on the plate is Light-O-Rama's Cosmic Color products.  The Cosmic Color Ribbon came to life around three years ago.  Many user have incorporated them into arches, window, and home outlines.  But, that didn't stop Light-O-Rama.  The company plans to release three more products in 2012.  They are Cosmic Color Bulbs, Cosmic Color Pixels, and the Cosmic Color Floods.  All of the Cosmic Color series can be controlled with Light-O-Rama software and connected the their network.  Contact this Light-O-Rama Partner for the latest on these products.



RGB FloodSeasonal Entertainment's Rainbow products can flood or high-lite the area you're looking for.  They started as a simple Do It Yourself and quickly expanded into a full-blown company.  From flood lights to spotlights, their latest line of RGB products will have everyone dazzling.




Lastly on the list, Lights Music & Magic.  This company provides all types of support for your light display.  They have RGB wall-washers, vertical tubes, and light strings.  Their packages are available as pre-compiled or create your own.


 If the companies products mentioned above are beyond your budget, reconsider the Do It Yourself solutions.


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