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A New Radio Sign

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on Friday, 26 August 2011 in How To

After using a sign made years ago advertising the radio station frequency, a new one appears.


Click To EnlargeA good friend made a sign that said "Lights & Music on 96.5 FM" has been in use for five years.  I would always place a light shining on it so any person watching would know where to turn the radio to.  This worked well until the display expanded to Glade Creek Fire Department.  Then, it was too little and couldn't been seen very well.

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After seeing a company that specializes in coroplastic designing, I decided it's time to introduce a new one.  I ordered a radio sign that has small holes drilled in the plastic.  These holes can have lights pushed through to the other side displaying the frequency where the music can be heard.



Click To EnlargeWhen I received the pre-drilled sign, the work began.  I bought blue M6  Glossary Link LED's and started pushing them through the holes.  After several hours of work passed, a new sign was born at High Country Lights.  I continue to make adjustments to the numbers because they can display any number on the radio dial below 99.9FM.


Click To EnlargeThe back of the sign tells the story.  With 550 lights, you can imagine the excess wiring left behind from pushing the lights through the holes.  Were keeping it tidy so its appealing during the day and night.



Click To EnlargeWith LED's, our energy consumption goes down by 80%.  The pictures shows the LED sign consume .37 amps.  With the same amount of incandescent mini-lights, energy consumption would be around 2 amps.  That's why we are converting to LED's to save electricity and they have a 50K to 100K hour rating.  In other words, they last for years.



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