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2014 Season Is Weeks Away

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on Wednesday, 01 October 2014 in Display Discussion

It seems like yesterday we were celebrating New Year's Day!  Well, the clock is ticking and another season is approaching fast.


Today marks eight weeks until Thanksgiving or when we turn the show on.  We officially start setting up the display the first weekend in October.  It's planned to be nothing short of fun and excitement for children of all ages. So, we've decided to share what's in store.


A new Nativity scene will debut this year.  And, we promise it will be much larger and better seen than previous years.  Plus, do you know the song "I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas?"  We have a dancing hippo to match it.  It's around six feet tall.  We added many more Glossary Link wireframe silhouette's as well.



Then, we replaced those power hogging incandescent C7 lights in all 24 snow flakes with Glossary Link LED's.  The power consumption dropped from 49 amps to 8.5 amps.  That's a huge difference! Now, the entire building can be powered on one extension cord instead of six.



You won't notice any difference in the lights blinking, but, we changed the hardware that runs the show.  Everything is stream-lined to run much more efficient.   We spend the first half of the year soldering those little electronic parts together into one board (DIY).  View a time lapse video here.



There's so much we could talk about, it would take all day to read it.  But, you can view our progress photo gallery here.  All we have to say... come out and see us starting Thanksgiving night at 6pm.



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