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Are you visiting us?  Here are some tips to help make your viewing experience enjoyable.

  • Only park in designated areas.
  • Always turn headlights off while parked.
  • Keep radio volume to a listening level.
  • Never walk in the display area.  If anyone does, the show will be turned off.
  • Littering is unacceptable.  Take your trash with you and/or discard it in a proper container.
  • It's a "Park-n-Watch" type of show.
  • The show is "Free" to everyone. 
  • The radio station is 95.9FM



We "Highly" recommend everyone to stay in their vehicles.  If you decide to exit your vehicle, social distance is a requirement.  Make sure you distance yourself at least six to ten feet apart.  Wear a mask if you're in close proximity to parties other than yours or waiting in line for pictures.   If you're taking pictures in our photo-op locations (color tunnel or polar bear with tree)... do so quickly as possible then exit to allow others the same opportunity.  By following these simple rules... we'll all have a Happy and Healthy Christmas and keep the lights on.


Get directions to our display in the map below.  We hope you enjoy the show.